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Will Tripp is a dwarf lawyer who despises all things p.c. Aggressive, plain spoken and charmingly profane, he revels in taking on leftists of all stripes, battling them on their own go-for-the-jugular terms. In this first book in the series, Will and his idiosyncratic 'dream team' go after a renowned campus feminist and (perhaps redundant) ruthless psychopath, who is surrounded by campus acolytes and fawned over by the media. As Will discovers, she has an artfully constructed history to go with a carefully hidden past. Sharp-eyed readers will note eerie echoes of recent events at such debased institutions of higher learning as Oberlin and Swarthmore.

I couldn't put Harry Stein's new novel down. It's both sad and funny and should be called The Way We Live (Sigh) Now.”

David Horowitz

I just finished Will Tripp, and I love it. Harry Stein has created a small miracle in his dwarf lawyer at splenetic war with liberal pieties. With a pitch perfect ear for academic humbug, Stein has assembled a delightful supporting cast, including a weaselly college president who declares his commitment to "healing" every time he pushes a conservative over the cliff. The most hilarious take on the sumptuous buffoonery of what passes as an elite college since the last edition of the Harvard College Catalogue.

Peter Wood, President, National Association of Scholars